Expert Answers

Expert Answers

1.     Show how the value ASCII “DEVORA” is stored in memory in Big Endian and in Little Endian format starting at location 200 hexadecimal. Assume that each memory location stored two ASCII characters.

2.         For X =  1111 1100, show the result of the following independent operations (i.e. each instruction occurs with X starting at the value above: 

a)               Logical Shift right            

b)               Rotate right                      

c)               Logical Shift left             

d)               Rotate left            

e)               Arithmetic Shift right     

For problems 3 and 4, write code that performs the equation below 

                        X = A + B * C + D / E * F         

You may only use registers A through F, plus X and T.

Registers A through F may not be changed, i.e. their values are fixed.

Register T may be used as a temporary register, and Register X must contain the final answer.

It is important to remember that operational hierarchy dictates that:

·      we first perform all arithmetic inside inner parentheses (if there are any),

·      then inside outer parentheses (if there are any),

·      then do multiplication and division operations before addition and subtraction operations. 

For stack operations, items are placed on the stack in the order that they appear in the expression. 

3.         Use three-operand instructions      

4 .        Show the postfix (Reverse Polish Notation) and then use stack instructions
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