PYSC 101  Quiz 4.DOCX

PYSC 101 Quiz 4

PYSC 101

Quiz 4

1.       In terms of brain waves, awake and alert is to ________ as awake and relaxed is to______.


2.      Jet lag has shown to be associated with all but which of the following?


3.      Psychologist refer to the state of awareness of ourselves and the world around us as


4.      Barbiturates are used for all of the following EXCEPT


5.      Which of the following groups have relatively low levels of alcoholism?


6.      Monica is having a long, detailed dream.  In which stage of sleep is Monica most likely to be?


7.      In which stage do you spend the majority of your sleep time?


8.      Regarding psychoactive drugs, which of the following statements is FALSE?


9.      The role-playing model of hypnosis proposes that the effects of hypnosis can best be understood in terms of _______.


11.  The SCN (suprachiasmatic nucleus) works to regulate the sleep-wake cycles by means of


12.  Reduction of central nervous system activity is the defining feature of


13.  In a research study presented in your text, participants who learned a word list in the evening before going to sleep and were tested in the morning had better recall of the word list than those who learned the material in the morning and tested in the evening.  This research supposed the idea that with respect to memory, sleep can be described as serving a(n) _______ function.


14.  _________ theory describes hypnosis as a phenomenon in which one’s consciousness divides or splits.


15.  Regarding sleep cycles, which of the following statements is FALSE?


16.  Nina’s pineal gland has been damaged.  She can expect a disturbance in the release of the hormone.


17.  Kendra has a sleep disorder in which she suddenly falls into “sleep attacks” during the daytime.  What is the name of Kendra’s disorder?


18.  Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive chemical in


19.  Regarding REM sleep, which of the following statements is FALSE?


20.  Which of the following statements about marijuana is FALSE?


21.  About what proportion of U.S. adults have used an illicit drug at some point in their lives?


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