HUM 115 Week 3 Points of View

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HUM 115 Week 3 Points of View

PART 1: Provide your opinion on one of the following issues,
in at least 150 words (or ask your instructor for approval of one of your own):

  • Health care

  • Climate

  • National

2: Locate
 two articles and discuss ALL 3 of the following questions
in at least 100 words per article:

  • 1) Is the
    information contained in the articles reliable? 2) Are the authors
    credible or non-credible? Please explain.

  • 3) Has your
    opinion changed after reading the articles? Explain your answer.

a APA style Title page, Reference page and cite your sources.   Refer to
the Associate Level Writing Style Handbook: 

 Submit your answers in a single MS Word document to
the Assignment Files tab above.
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