XXV/Final COD editing PF

This will be my last call of duty project, im pretty certain of it. But just to get down to the nitty gritty----

This PF includes 1: XXV pf, Plus XXV demos w/ cins included. (btw im sorry that its not finished, i dont expect much people to buy this, but if you do i hope you enjoy for most i have done.)

2: BM2 demos, which i randomly found and thought some may would like.. idk

3: a new remade map of afghan that i made. I have no pictures but i can assure its nice. Its well fit for any client, but i prefer v2 or the latest mw2 client (im not fond of) 

4: Personal demos, up to 28 of frags hit by me and flez on noticeable, but yet realistic bots.. Hope it helps tbh.

5: And lastly Random demos hit by me, up to 33 demos of random clips on nuketown and terminal only... (the only game modes i play on v2). Be aware i am trash at feeding, but i do hit some lit ass frags.. ide use them if you're cool
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