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Part 1

This option involves designing a simple online marketplace (think
amazon). This website will ultimately allow account registration, login/logoff
and contain the following three pages (to balance the workload with the stock
exchange website project):

Content Page 1- Online Store: This page will show at least 6 items
for sale. Each item will contain a picture, a price, and an item description (3
or more sentences). It will also contain a quantity field for each item.  Each item will also have an “add to cart”
button which will be used to add the chosen quantity of that item to the cart.

Page 2- Cart: This page will contain the user's current cart. It will show the
name of each item in the cart, the quantity of that item in the cart, and the
total cost of the item (item price x quantity of item). It will also show a
grand total and contain two buttons, one called “Clear Cart” and one called
“Checkout.” Choosing the “Clear Cart” option will clear out the cart. Choosing

Checkout option
if the user has enough money in their account will clear the cart and present a
success message and add the order to the user's order history. It will also
subtract the cost from the user's account balance. If enough money is not in
the user's account, it will not clear out the cart and will not add the order
to the user's order history. Additionally, the page will contain a field for
adding money to their account and a button called “add money” that adds the
money to their account. For the purposes of this project, we will pretend that
whatever amount of money the user places into the field is given to them for
free when they click the add money button.

Content Page 3 -Order
History: This page will show the user's history for each item ordered. It will
show each order, the items and quantity of items in each order, and the total
cost of each item. It will also show the total for each order. The page will
also distinguish between each order and display a grand total for all orders

Assignment 1 Requirements

You should choose one of the project options above and design a
static website with the following elements. Note that if you choose option 1 or
2, you do not need to seek approval before submitting the assignment.

1.  User account registration page

The user account creation page should contain a form for creating a
user account. It should include, at a minimum, fields for username, first name,
last name, email, password, and one additional form element (this could be a
checkbox, select drop down, or radio button choice). The page should also
contain a create account button

2.  Home/Login page

This page should contain a title for the
site, as well as a short description. It should also contain username and
password fields and a login button. The page should use Javascript to visibly
modify some element on the page when the mouse touches the login button.
Alternatively, javascript could display an alert when the page loads.

3.  Content Page 1

This page should contain content which will later become dynamic.
However, it doesn't actually have to do anything (no functionality). If you
choose the marketplace option, this should have all of the item pictures and
descriptions, as well as the quantity fields and buttons, but the buttons don't
have to do anything (no functionality).

4.  Content page 2.

This page should contain other content which will later become
dynamic. In the case of the marketplace, it should be a fake cart, with all of
the appropriate buttons and fields mentioned above.

5.  Content page 3.

page should contain a fake order history. See above for details.

The site should
use css to implement some sort of simple color scheme and be reasonably
aesthetically pleasing. (Basically it should not look 'tacky').

All pages should
be linked to all the other pages. Links should be in a consistent position.
They should not move or break from page to page.
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