20K factions map

My largest map to date, this map includes caves, ores, dungeons, mineshafts and villages.
20K means 10K in each direction.

WARNING! due to the nature of Worldpainter Custom Map population, it is possible that not all villages and mineshafts are placed correctly!
By buying this map you accept that it is possible there are discrepancies in the map.
This map is WAY too large for me to check it all. also, the filesize is 7 GB when zipped and 10 GB in total.

Since Sellfy's max size is 2GB and this world is 5GB, you will receive a .txt file with a download link.
You are not allowed to share this link or file with anyone.


Sample map is broken{
A sample map is available here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/a-glimpse-of-insanity-20k-factions-map/. It is 5K x 5K, which is 1/16th of the total map.}
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