Inevitability Vol. 2 by Gill Chang

"Making good music is only inevitable with this sample pack."

This pack comes with over 200+ (212 in total) samples, with the main focus being loops directly sampled from my own tracks! 

As a producer, I know what is actually useful to use in your own productions because its what I do everyday. With that being said, I sampled/mixed loops and samples directly from my edits, remixes, and originals for you to use in your own productions! The possibilities are unlimited. :) The pack also contains custom made loops as well as custom mixed/layered percussive snare/clap/slaps action. 

This pack contains:
  1. x10 really punchy kicks
  2. x25 creative percussive snare/claps/slaps
  3. x26 percussive sounds
  4. x26 custom melodic/percussive/clap/snare loops
  5. x15 creative snare rolls for drum fills
  6. x25 well crafted vocal one shots
  7. x20 demo track samples/loops
  8. **x56 loops and samples sampled directly from my edits/remix/originals
  9. **x9 exclusive loops/samples for my zedd candyland edit! (free from artist union download!)

loops/samples directly from my edits and remixes include:
  1. josh pan & X&G - platinum (gill chang remix)
  2. PRXZM - haze (gill chang remix)
  3. Ember Island - Need You (Gill Chang Remix) [Premiere]
  4. flume - smoke and retribution feat. vince staples & kucka (gill chang edit)
  5. flume - never be like you feat. kai (gill chang edit)
  6. Zedd & Aloe Blacc & Grey - Candyman (Gill Chang EDIT)

It will include the building blocks to the tracks, minus the vocals/samples I don't have the rights to obviously! 

All mixed, mastered and created by me for you to use in your productions! Drag, cut, pitch, and drop and you're good to go. :)

I have made a free repost-to-download link for the zedd candyland edit samples, so you guys can get an idea of what you'll be getting with the whole pack! :) 

*format: wav files 24bit + 1 midi file

And as always, thank you so much for any support I receive for this pack. I am truly grateful!

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