Success Mastery

My story is very unique. I have live a lifestyle most people only dream about.


  • My associated companies have done BILLIONS of dollars in sales
  •  I have owned TV networks, publishing companies, manufacturing companies and corporations in many countries all over the world
  •  I am a New York Times #1 bestselling author, who has sold millions of copies of my books, audios, and products in more than 18 countries
  •  I have lived in multi-million dollar homes, all across America, and on 3 continents
  • I have lived the life of super luxury, including driving cars like Rolls Royce’s, Ferrari’s, Bentley’s and Mercedes
  •  I have owned millions of dollars’ worth of fine jewelry
  •  I travel first class wherever I go (including private jets, limos and the most expensive hotel suites)
  • I’ve had servants including butlers, private chefs, drivers and bodyguards
  • I’ve dined in the finest restaurants and enjoyed the most expensive wine and champagne
  • I have associated with some of the richest, most powerful people in the world including Presidents, Prime Ministers, Generals, business tycoons and Hollywood celebrities
  •  I have dated some of the most beautiful, sexy women in the world. I’m now outrageously, happily married to a stunning woman
  • I also have unreal - almost super human health (I virtually NEVER get sick)



But I was a young man who seemed to have potential. Although not a member of an elite privileged family, I was fortunate enough to be invited to join  a private club made up of ultra-successful people. It was a total fluke. I was at the right place at the right time.

When I received my invitation I immediately accepted! I studied the information they shared with me and learned the secrets with more passion than anyone ever had in their history!

It turned out I was gifted with the unique ability, much like Einstein, at “crunching” or simplifying complex concepts and making them easy to understand and apply. I totally integrated the “secrets” into my whole being and life! I simplified the secrets of the club. I learned information and secret keys to success and used it to accomplish everything
listed above and more.

I have attracted MILLIONS and have enjoyed a lifestyle that most people could not even imagine.  One of the principles I was taught was that by helping enough other people get what they want, will ultimately bring what I want.  For this very reason it has been
decided that I share this powerful information that has transformed my life.

I would PERSONALLY reveal the greatest, most powerful success secrets of the club AND train a FEW people LIVE and IN PERSON!!! I would PERSONALLY “tell all” and give the most closely guarded, most powerful, never before released, secret keys to making all a person’s dreams come true. I would reveal the very same secrets that the privileged few, the elite of the world, the members of royal families and the
billionaires have used to achieve their wealth and power.

But I would ONLY teach this secret knowledge to a FEW people and they HAD to be SERIOUS!

Imagine being PERSONALLY taught...

  • How to make MILLIONS of dollars!
  • How to attract money like a MAGNET!
  • How to raise $10,000 CASH in ONLY 24 hours!
  • How to make $100,000 in only 90 days!
  • How to earn $20,000 per month without leaving your house!
  • How to have SUPER HEALTH!
  • How to have the romantic LOVING relationship of your dreams!
  • How to have unlimited personal power in life!
  •  How to be happy beyond belief!
  • How to overcome adversity, setbacks and disappointments and turn them into an advantage!
  • How to eliminate all past emotional pain and traumas!
  • How to use “Two Magic Words” that could eliminate ALL your debts OVERNIGHT!
  • How to predict future events with uncanny accuracy!
  • How to “read people’s minds” and control all situations!
  •  How to wipe out stress, anxiety, fear and become confident and self-assured!
  • How to have the lifestyle and freedom you always wanted!
  •  How to win at anything!
  • How to metaphorically have your own Aladdin’s lamp and your own Genie who will grant YOU your every desire.
  • How to be LUCKY and happy in life!
  • You could potentially do all this and even more!

I personally invited a small group of people to come for 2 days and be PERSONALLY trained by me in person!

I spent 2 days teaching what I learned from some of the most successful in the world.

The entire event was professionally taped. I went into the studio, edited the material, and added some important things.

Here's what some people said about This Material...

“I feel so confident, powerful and unstoppable! I have the easy to understand tools now to make anything I want happen! I used 2 magicwords he taught me and I eliminated $100,000 of debt in 5 minutes!!! Cannot believe how good this was!”

“I would have paid 1 million dollars for this knowledge! I own a business and with this information my profits will go up 100 fold this year! In the first week i have already increased my profits over $50,000!”

“I could never get a date. The first night of the seminar i went out to dinner alone and a beautiful woman started talking to me! We areseeing each other now on a regular basis. Learning this information changes you from the inside! Wow!”

So here is what I am offering YOU...

You can download it right now, all the audio’s that were recorded during the seminar! Over 2 days of secrets can be yours! You can get the audios and listen to EVERY word of the seminar as if you were actually there in person!

You will get to experience ALL the training! You will hear ALL the questions and answers! You will get all the same information that the participants received! And YOU can receive ALL the same life-changing benefits! YOU are one of the first people being offered this PRICELESS KNOWLEDGE!

Why is this information being released when it was sworn to secrecy? I saw how this information was being used to CONTROL people and keep the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer! This is UNFAIR and just plain WRONG! I decided that EVERYONE should have access to this knowledge instead of just the privileged few! That’s why I decided to REVEAL these secrets to you!

The best part is YOU do NOT have to pay thousands of dollars like the attendees!

I’m offering these downloadable audio’s, which would fill 14 CDs, at a price that would guarantee that someone was serious about being successful, and still low enough so everyone could afford them considering this crazy economy.


Bonus 1
With your purchase of this training you’ll also receive a FREE copy of the brand new 108-page guidebook. This guidebook acts as a blueprint for helping you determine exactly what you want in your life and how to go about getting it. With it, you will learn how to have, be or do anything at lightning speed. (Value is priceless!).

Each download comes with a triple guarantee and peace of mind
You will be blown away by the sheer
quality and attention to detail of every lesson, every technique and every

Upon using the program, you’ll notice virtually instant results that will only get better in the coming days, weeks and months.

Remember you can also email us any time for personal guidance and tips.

This program will empower every aspect of your life, and turn you into a powerful manifester.

We stick by our claims.

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