C5D Inspire RAW to LOG

• 14 After Effects Presets for RAW to LOG conversion
• 1 After Effects Presets for RAW to D-LOG conversion
• C5D instaLUT B1010 (.cube LUT for Log C)
• 2 RAW to LOG conversion LUT (.cube LUT for DaVinci Resolve)
• 1 RAW to D-LOG conversion LUT (.cube LUT for DaVinci Resolve)

For: DJI Inspire 1 X5R & DJI Inspire 2 X5S

The .xmp files and LUTs emulate a flat LOG gamma close to Arri Alexa Log C on videos recorded with a DJI Inspire 1 or 2 drone on the cdng (RAW) setting. It also inclues LUTs to convert D-LOG footage to Log, or Raw to D-LOG, and also includes a color LUT for filmic aerial video.

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[Update March 31st 2017]
- With DJI's new firmware for the Inspire 2, there is now an option to select "D-LOG" gamma while shooting in RAW mode. Please note that this option has little to no effect on your RAW files, but it will lock your exposure to ISO 500. If you can shoot at ISO 500, which is a good place to expose RAW correctly, then use the "D-LOG" option while recording RAW. Otherwise, if you want to be more flexible, leaving the "D-LOG" option off while recording RAW is recommended.


Installation on Adobe After Effects CC (2017)

1. Navigate to your "Library" folder in Mac OS X. If it is hidden you can reveal your library folder by going to your home folder and then selecting "View" -- "Show View Options" and ticking the "Show Library Folder" checkbox.
2. Navigate to "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRAW/Settings/".
3. Place all the .xmp files inside this directory.
4. Restart After Effects.

1. Navigate to your "Win (user)/Application Data/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings" folder in Windows.
2. Place all the .xmp files inside this directory (no subfolders allowed).
3. Restart After Effects.

The presets have now been installed in your Camera Raw App. You can now load them whenever you import a cdng file to Adobe After Effects or Adobe Photoshop. In your Camera Raw App go to your presets tab and select the required preset.


DJI Inspire RAW to LOG Workflow

This workflow ensures that your cdng RAW files are converted with the best possible quality. By using the DJI Inspire RAW to LOG conversion presets you can get a video file with a neutral log gamma that can be graded easily and lets you use 3rd party LUTs that were designed for Arri Alexa Log C.

1. Open Adobe After Effects CC.
2. Drag and drop your folder(s) containing the RAW cdng sequences into the After Effects "Project" tab.
3. The Camera RAW App will open.
4. Go to the Presets tab (second from the right) and select the desired preset.
• For conversion from DJI Inspire RAW to LOG, select one of the RAW to LOG presets. "0" is the neutral preset. There is also "+1" to push one stop and "-1" to pull one stop of exposure. To save your highlights select the "HS" preset and to blow your highlights select the "HL" preset.
• To instantly apply the C5D instaLUT B1010 look to your footage we have also included presets for those.
• Note that the presets inside the parenthesis “(…)” are NOT always recommended, as they may produce a “flicker effect” in rare occasions.
5. For each shot (folder with cdng sequences) you import, the Camera Raw App will open individually and the presets need to be selected individually.
6. Once all your shots have been importet into After Effects, you can now drag them to the "Render Queue" tab at the bottom.
7. Select your desired target codec under "Output Module" in the "Render Queue" tab.
8. Select your desired file destination under "Output To".
9. Click "Render" in the "Render Queue" tab.

For best quality select the Apple ProRes 4444 or 4444 XQ codec. To save space go for Apple ProRes 422 HQ.

If the After Effects conversion is too slow for you, you can alternatively transcode your files in DaVinci Resolve. Use the dedicated presets LUTs for DaVinci Resolve.


Installation on DaVinci Resolve (12+)

1. Launch DaVinci Resolve
2. Start a new project or open an existing one and click on the settings icon in the lower right corner.
3. Click on the "Color Management" tab.
4. Click on "Open LUT Folder". The LUT folder will open in a finder window.
5. Copy the LUT .cube file(s) into the LUT folder.
6. When copying has finished, click the "Update Lists" button in the DaVinci Resolve settings window.

You can now use the DJI Inspire RAW to LOG LUTs in DaVinci Resolve.

DaVinci Resolve (12+) Workflow

To transcode cdng RAW sequences quickly within DaVinci Resolve and apply an Arri Alexa Log C like gamma, do the following:

1. Browse to your Inspire RAW shots under the "Media" tab.
2. Drag your folder(s) to the media pool.
3. Change your project settings to the resolution of your shots. (Gear wheel at the bottom right – Timeline Resolution)
4. Go to the “Edit” tab and drag your shots into the timeline.
5. Go to the “Color” tab and select each shot. Then change:
- Decode Using: “Clip”
- Color Space: “Blackmagic Design”
- Gamma: “Blackmagic Design Film”
- Tick the “Highlight Recovery” box.
6. Right click each clip thumbnail and select "3D LUT" -- "C5D_Inspire-1-RAW-to-LOG" or "C5D_Inspire-2-RAW-to-LOG".
7. Then export your files in the “Deliver” tab. To batch convert all clips, select "Individual Clips" and "File" -- "Source Name".

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