GEN 201 Week 1 Student Resources Worksheet

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GEN 201 Week 1 Student Resources Worksheet
Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Student Resources Worksheet.
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Student Resources Worksheet
Resources provided by University of Phoenix can contribute to your academic, personal, and professional success. Support resources include a variety of helpful websites and tools that can assist you in completing assignments, connecting to other students, and searching for careers.
Complete the following Scavenger Hunt Matrix regarding student resources provided by the university. In the first column, list the steps used to locate each resource. In the second column, explain how each resource might contribute to your success. 
 Scavenger Hunt Matrix

Student resource

List the specific steps you used to locate each resource.

Explain how you can use each resource to support your academic, career, or personal success.

Course syllabus



Academic policies



Instructor policies



University Academic Catalog






University Library



Center for Writing Excellence



Student store



University Marketplace



Life Resource Center



Phoenix Career Services



Student workshops



Technical Support phone number



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