Gabriel Fauré: Après un rêve Op. 7, No. 1 for harp

Arranged for Solo Harp by Floraleda Sacchi

The best known vocal piece by Fauré on an anonymous Italian poem from Tuscany, freely adapted into French by Romain Bussine. Included in dozen of Classical music anthologies.

In a slumber enchanted by your image
I dreamt of happiness, passionate mirage,
Your eyes were softer, your voice pure and resonant,
You shone like a sky lit up by the dawn;
You called me and I left the earth
To run away with you towards the light,
The skies opened their clouds for us,
Unknown splendours, divine flashes glimpsed,
Alas! Alas! sad awakening from dreams
I call you, O night, give me back your lies,
Return, return radiant,
Return, O mysterious night.

First performance: Parigi, Société Nationale de Musique, 11 January 1879
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