FP 101 Week 8 Insurance Worksheet

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FP 101 Week 8 Insurance Worksheet Complete the Insurance Worksheet. Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab. Insurance Worksheet   Directions: Match the following word with the correct definition.    

  1. Premium                                               A.  The set amount that a policyholder must pay per loss on an insured policy


  1. Deductible                                                      B.    A flat fee that a policyholder must pay for each received service       


  1. Copayment                                                    C.    The protection provided by the terms of an insurance policy


  1. Coverage                                                       D.    The amount of money a policyholder is charged for an insurance policy

    Directions:   For each type of insurance listed, explain in at least 50 or more words coverage characteristics provided.   Type of Insurance Description of Coverage Auto           Bodily Injury Coverage       Property Damage Coverage       Car Rental     Discounts       Home and Property           Replacement value of home       Actual Cash Value       Liability Coverage       Location influences       Discounts       Health           Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)       Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)       Point-of-Service Plan (POS)     Health Care Accounts       Medicare       Medicaid       Long-term Care       Disability           Short-term       Long-term       Social Security       Workmen’s Compensation       Life         Term Life       Whole Life       Universal      
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