Linde Electric Lift Truck 324-02 Series with LDC: E12, E15, E16 Service Training Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Linde Electric Forklift Truck E-Series Type 324-02. 
Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck
Covered models:
Format: PDF, 98 Pages
Language: English
6 Electrical system
    6.1 Traction controller
        6.1.1 Current path for forward travel direction
        6.1.2 Current path for reverse travel direction
        6.1.3 Freewheel circuit
        6.1.4 Regen braking on 48V trucks
   Braking circuit stage 1
   Braking circuit stage 2
   Braking circuit stage 3
        6.1.5 Electronic Traction Controller
   Power supply
   Truck encoding
   Traction enable via the seat switch
   Control of directional contactors
   Forward direction of travel
   Reverse direction of travel
   Single-pedal models
   Modification to singlepedal model
   Handbrake current
   Regenerative braking on 48V trucks
   Speed sensor in the traction motor
   Actual current sensor
        6.1.6 General explanation
        6.1.7 Truck diagnostics
   Window 1 Truck status data
   Window 2 Information and error codes
   Window 3 Fault history
   Window 31 Confirming fault history
   Window 32 Clearing entire fault history (master version only)
   Window 4 Digital inputs
   Window 5 Digital outputs
   Window 6 Analogue signals
   Wndow 7 setting truck parameters
                Window 71 Setting parameters in window 7 to default settings
                Window 72 Setting special truck parameters (master version only)
                Window 74 Special version parameters
    6.2 Pulse control for the working hydraulics
        6.2.1 Lift electronics
   Power supply
   Enable signal, temperature switch and speed reduction with discharged battery
   Control of the various work functions
        6.2.2 Sensos in the control valve block
        6.2.3 Adjustments
    6.3 Steering controlLER
        6.3.1 Functional description
    6.4 Composite instrument
        6.4.1 Brush wear indicator
        6.4.2 Traction motor overheating
        6.4.3 Hour meter
        6.4.4 Service interval indicator
        6.4.5 Service Interval time
        6.4.6 Battery discharge indicator
        6.4.7 Operation of diagnostic unit together with composite instrument
    6.5 Wiring diagram
        6.5.1 Wiring diagram 24V trucks
        6.5.2 Wiring diagram 48V trucks
            Window 72 Setting special truck parameters (master version only)
            Window 74 Special version parameters
7. Hydraulic system
    Hydraulic pump motor
    Hydraulic pump motor 24V
    Hydraulic pump motor 48V
    Changing the hydraulic pump motor brushes
    Removal and installation of the hydraulic pump motor
    Control valve
    Removing the control valve
    Adjusting the pressure relief valve
    Distance sensor
    Working and steering hydraulics circuit diagram
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