Lawrence LB Breaux Triplet 16th Funk Groove

Lawrence LB Breaux Video Drum transcription / .PDF Bundle

Swingin' open hat triplet 16th groove that LB breaks into during a Cymbal Promo.



Part 1 - normal tempo
Part 2 - Slo. Mo. section allowing you to hear, dissect and perfect every nuance of the groove (at original pitch).


Colour coded 100% accurate expanded (3 stave) Drum Chart with extra playing guidance and legend. NEW embedded youtube mini-hyperlink transports you to original source.

Download in seconds to your portable hand held device.
iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android, PC and Mac Compatible.


Ronnie Lawrence Breaux JR (LB) came from a Gospel background and was soon recognised by Professional Artists as both a dynamic and creative showman and pocket player. He is a sought after Tour Drummer, writer and clinician.

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