IT 205 Week 6 Individual Choosing the Right Channel

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IT 205 Week 6 Individual: Choosing the Right Channel
Suppose you have a friend that either owns or works for a small business and really doesn't want to spend the time or money designing and building his/her own website. He or she has narrowed the selection down to four of the following websites on which to market his/her product and wants your opinion on which to go with:

Create an 8- to 10-slide presentation including introduction, conclusion, and reference slides.

Include speaker notes with each slide.

Describe the company and the product or service your friend's company provides.

Eliminate one of the websites that does not fit, and state why you think it does not fit.

Include the following information:

What are the advantages of using each site?
What are the risks of using each site?
How will you be able to drive customers to the site?
Would you change your strategy if your friend was selling products to a business (B2B)?
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