Q.5.2 Assignment - PhotoVoice Proposal.DOCX

Q.5.2 Assignment - PhotoVoice Proposal

PhotoVoice is a dynamic process engaging people and their community environments to share a message about a need or cause. PhotoVoice uses pictures or video to describe the status of a specific issue that those with “limited power due to poverty, language barriers, race, class, ethnicity, gender, culture, or other circumstances...” are experiencing (Community Tool Box, 2015). PhotoVoice is an emerging tool to communicate the gravity and need for health disparity changes in various settings. This week, you will complete a PhotoVoice proposal, explaining how you would use Photovoice to advocate for change relative to a specific health disparity.

First, please visit theCommunity Tool Box page on PhotoVoice and read the overview on the focus and purpose of this process.

Second, using the health disparity topic from your discussion post this week, you will develop a PhotoVoice proposal using Microsoft Powerpoint. Be sure to first identify a community (physical location) that is experiencing the health disparity you have chosen. Your Powerpoint should include the following elements:

· Cover and Reference Slides (2 slides)

· Description of how PhotoVoice could be used to bring about awareness of the health disparity (2 slides)

· Description of community-level stakeholders in the project and discussion of how their actions could contribute to the project’s success (1–2 slides)

· Explanation of how your proposed project meets the three main goals of PhotoVoice (1–2 slides)

· Minimum one sample photograph of what you are hoping to capture visually with the proposed project. Feel free to retrieve this photograph(s) from an online source. The photograph(s) needs to be referenced properly using APA 6th ed. formatting (1–2) slides

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