Give your creations a bright summery vibe with this digital prints collection. This collection can be used in multiple ways:

1.Used as art/gallery prints
3.Digital web/blog backgrounds
4.Digital media icons
5.Party favors/giftwrap
6.Product design packaging
and lots more!

-Eight summer themed prints (in jpg format)
-1440 x 1920 px
-150 dpi

File format and Software requirements

JPG files can be opened with most photo editing software – do ensure if your software is compatible (All the files can be also inserted in MS Word and Powerpoint in a single step).




/1/ You may use the graphics in one commercial project per license purchased, which could have many end products directly related to a single project.

For example: a project featuring lipstick and eyeshadows packaging having the floral prints sold together or as part of a singular product range as they come under the same concept. However, using the SAME print in stationery for one client and then in a website design for another client is not permissible since the end product is unrelated.

/2/ You may sell up to 150 units of your end product.

/3/ You may use different items withing the same collection for different projects. For example: Using the one pattern in a company branding while using another pattern in someone's interior decoration. This applies to elements in the same collection only.

/4/ Please ensure while creating digital designs that parties cannot extract the original item. If your client needs the

source files, they will rave to purchase their own license, or you may transfer your license to them making them the new

holder and all terms and conditions are now applicable to them.

/5/ You may NOT under any circumstance sublicense, resell, share or otherwise redistribute the item. (for eg: as stock, in an app, tool

or template having the source files)

/6/ This is a Single User License agreement. Only you can use and have access to the graphics.

/7/ Please do NOT claim copyright of any of the artwork.

All above terms apply. However, you can sell UNLIMITED units of the end product.

Please email miraclespyer19(at)gmail(dot)com for details on purchasing the Extended License


Thank you for adhering to the license agreement and I wish you the best on your creative journey!

Best wishes,


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