Game Template: Missile Command

Four (4) Corona Game Templates each showing how to make a increasingly more sophisticated version of "Missile Command", including:

  • Basic game mechanics and logic.

  • Random target selection.

  • Progressive difficulty and leveling.

  • Intelligent placement with overlap testing.

  • Game Math: vector-to-angle, transition times as a product of desired speed, variable distance, and more.

Templates Included:

  • Basic – Simple art-free version of the game; a great staring point for new developers.

  • Pretty – Beautified version of the game with art and sound.

  • Modular – Game with "game over" logic, difficulty progression, and overall code separated into modules.

  • Framed – Modules integrated with the Composer framework for a complete package.

Last Updated: March 2017

Uses Corona - The FREE cross-platform framework for creating apps and games.
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