All the effects will look improvised from the audience point of view. Some may need a one-time preparation, and all are easy to perform and practical. Some (like the three last effects) may need a little bit more practice and rehearsal mainly to be smooth and natural, but nothing is difficult as even myself can do it! ATM wallet: This is a great effect, and very very easy too! You will do this one every single time you have to pay something, and I guarantee they'll remember you. It is puzzling and funny too. You need an item every magician has got already, maybe in their drawer. I carry it with me all the time just to be ready anywhere, anytime, just for this one. X=H3-E2: Rapidly force one object among a higher number of objects (twice as fast as “PATEO”, and easier to perform). An evolution of x=H2-E1 but with a new twist at the end. I don't use PATEO anymore, even with just a few items, because H3E2 is faster and the entire procedure now looks more random and logical. Phone hypnosis: Another puzzling fast effect: Block the screen of a borrowed phone, with the power of your mind. It won't harm their phone in any way. They will stay speechless, trying to do the same, and really think you have powers! Bright as a feather: Use a feather as a divining rod (for instance). An evolution of the 'Universal detector V1 in "PK mysteries". A nice little magic utility to carry with you. Playboy: A quick trick with a (special) lighter. A nice idea to make them think and introduce mental effects or the way we look at things in general. Sim(h)ilarity: An hilarious idea for making matching or spelling tricks not boring! You will need to prepare some funny pictures. Sure coin: Materialize any coin freely chosen among all the current coin currencies available in your country. Absolutely no force. This is a killer. Materialization: Materialize a coin freely selected among three invisible coins.The method is completely different than above, and although it uses less coins, it is also a killer. Can be done anytime, anywhere. Any pad: A switching method (which I believe is new), with an examinable spiral notebook that can be borrowed. It can be used, for instance, for a banknote serial number divination (or else, as long as the use of a paper and a pen is justified).
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