Snakeword - Sci-Fi Puzzle Pack 1

Snakeword - Sci-Fi Puzzle Pack 1

10 Snakeword puzzles to delight science fiction fans everywhere! This is the first Snakeword Sci-Fi pack and has been produced to provide hours of fun for any lover of TV and movie Sci-Fi. There something for everyone in here and each puzzle comes with the blank clue sheet, one with all the vowels filled in as a help and an answer sheet if you get stuck.

Ok, Snakeword Rules (You can bet your blaster it does!)

Snakeword is a new type of word puzzle where like a crossword you have clues to answer but unlike a crossword your answers change direction!

Whenever you enter a vowel (A,E,I,O,U) your answer has to change direction.

Answers have to reach from one numbered square to the next.

The last letter of each word becomes the first letter of the next word and so a long snake of interconnected words is formed.

Words can cross only if they share the same letter on that particular letter square.

It is sometimes possible for a word to reach the next numbered square by taking the wrong path. This may interfere with the placement of future words. It is likely that there will be only one working solution.

The puzzles are designed to be printed out and are in the form of a pdf files. Each puzzle has 3 pdf files which are:

Blank: Contains the empty grid and the clues
With Vowels: Contains the grid with all of the vowels filled in plus the same clues
Solved: Contains the populated grid and the answers

Give them a try and thank you once again,

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