BSHS 305 Week 3 Learning Team Case Scenario Worksheet

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 BSHS 305 Week 3 Learning Team Case Scenario Worksheet

Complete the Learning Team Case Scenario Worksheet.

Format any citations in your worksheet according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Learning Team Case Scenario Worksheet


Note. The ability to read and follow detailed instructions is an important skill in this line of work. Take your time to ensure that you have a clear plan for this assignment.


Read Ch. 7 of the text to gather the useful information to complete this assignment. No additional resources are needed. Remember that your work must demonstrate mastery of the assigned reading.


Read the following scenario:


Your client is a 24-year-old unemployed man. You know the following information about him:


He was referred to your agency by his probation officer following completion of a 6-month jail term for illegal possession and intent to sell a controlled substance. He attended group sessions for substance abusers during his incarceration. He must complete 12 weeks of outpatient counseling with you to satisfy his probation conditions. His probation officer says that the client is unhappy about this requirement, but he must comply or he will be returned to jail. The client has an 18-month-old daughter with his girlfriend. He insists his actions were only meant to provide income for his family.


Discuss the questions below with your team. Collaborate to decide the best way to answer the questions. Your combined ideas should be used to complete the worksheet. To be clear, only one worksheet is to be submitted on behalf of the entire team. This document must reflect the ideas of all team members who contributed to the assignment.


Post a draft of the completed worksheet for review in your Learning Teams discussion.





All team members are responsible for checking for accurate content, correct spelling and grammar, placement of citations, and correct APA formatting for citations and references. 


An advantage of teamwork is that you have several people proofreading the work. Do not hesitate to make suggestions to improve the assignment or correct errors if you find them. If you fail to post your review of the assignment, or if you approve the document and there are errors in spelling, grammar, citations, or the reference, points will be deducted. 


Revise and repost the draft, as needed, to incorporate needed corrections or suggestions for changes.

When the draft has everyone’s approval, the team leader for the week should submit the worksheet via the Assignment Files tab.


Note. Delete the above instructions when you submit this worksheet.


Learning Team Case Scenario Worksheet: Stages and Skills

TEAM ____

































Question 1: What are the five stages of the helping process? What would you do in each stage when working with this particular client? Minimum word count: 350 words
Question 1 Response: 


Question 2: Which communication skills would be most effective in working with this resistant client? Explain how they would be effective. Minimum word count: 350 words
Question 2 Response: 

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