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Developing Research Criteria

In preparation for this project assignment, review the Developing Research Criteria Scoring Guide to identify the grading criteria. Refer to the course project description to see how this assignment relates to the Management Education Course Design Project as a whole.

Select a topic related to management education. Then locate 2–3 timely, scholastic articles on that topic and evaluate the quality of the articles using research criteria. (You must create the criteria as well as define what makes an article great or well done.) You are encouraged to select articles that will ultimately support the course you develop for the final project.

Refer to the BMGT8810: Management Education Research Guide for guidance on searching for articles related to management education. In addition, the Persistent Links and DOIs library guide can help you locate and link to articles in library databases. Both of these guides are available under Resources and available for your use throughout the course.
For your paper:

  • Explain how your chosen topic is related to management education.

  • Cite the selected articles in APA style.

  • List and describe the research criteria you created to evaluate the quality of the articles.

  • Evaluate the articles using these criteria and describe what level of Bloom's taxonomy is present in each article and whether that level is suitable for what you are attempting to assert.

  • Explain whether you would you use these articles for external validation, based on your review of the project description and of the External Validation assignment in Unit 3.

Your paper should be 5–6 pages in length.Submit your paper to this assignment and then post it to the Developing Research Criteria discussion in this unit.
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