ENG 200 Week 3 Thesis and Research Questions Worksheet

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 ENG 200 Week 3 Thesis and Research Questions Worksheet

In this assignment, you develop your thesis and research questions using the topic you selected in Week 2. This assignment will help to form the basis for the research you are conducting for your Persuasive Essay, due in Week 4. This assignment must be completed prior to the Organizing the Persuasive Essay assignment this week, as it will form the basis for how you will organize your essay.

Complete the Thesis and Research Questions worksheet. You may find the following Center for Writing Excellence resources useful:




Writing a Thesis Statement Tutorial


Thesis Statement Generator


Format any citations within your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

Thesis and Research Questions Worksheet


Provide responses to the following questions using the topic you selected in Week 2. Your responses to this worksheet will help you in Week 4 when you craft your Persuasive Essay.






What is your selected topic?


<Enter your selected topic here.






The thesis statement will provide direction to your essay. Write your thesis statement for your selected topic.



Thesis statement:  <Enter your thesis statement here.






Research questions help you to guide your research in finding materials appropriate for your essay. Technically, these questions should be answered by your thesis statement. Keep in mind that research questions are sometimes edited or rewritten as you research.



Provide three research questions that will direct your research for this essay:






<Enter your first research question here.







<Enter your second research question here.







<Enter your third research question here.







In 75-100 words, explain your next steps in preparing to write your persuasive essay.
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