STR 581 Week 6 Discussion Questions

I feel that one of the most integral components of this course in which I can and will apply to my career in marketing is the principle of organizational goals and objectives. I have found that in my field, when sales teams have the ability to identify with the organization's goals and objectives, they are able to better conceptualize their problems, strategies, and their solutions, while having a larger probability of establishing and maintaining consistency that is in alignment with the strategic objectives of management and the overall organization. In this capacity, it is critical that team members actually understand the overall goals of the organization when conducting any project or implementation, especially from a strategic perspective, through efficient and open communication. It is essential that members of an organization have a clear perspective as to how their efforts will be integrated into the strategy of the organization; I feel it would provide them with a sense of empowerment and ownership and push them to conform to organization’s goals and objectives.
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