Minecraft intro. By RemoteGFX

You will receive a .txt file to download and open when you purchase the product, this file contains how you will get an intro and how to contact me. When you contact me you must show me proof you have ordered an intro and paid. 

This is personal intro. This intro will be completly custom for your needs. I will make the animation you want in the specifications you want. You have an option between many outputs and other formats. The animation i will make will be to the best of my ability.

You may choose between:


Any output you want other than this you can request and i will try my best to acheive. If the render times are too high because of the quality prices may raise.

I upload all my work to my youtube channel and you can see all my public work there.


You must be able to communicate in english (Wether that is with google translate or otherwise.). And talk on skype. I use skype as my main way of talking to you. 
I do NOT make enderpearl intro's for people. Any enderpearl intros ive made before are not for sale. Using a enderpearl is allowed but combos are not. This is non-negotiable

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