255 : Miss Barbie makes the R5 scream for mercy

Our beloved blonde Miss Barbie, wearing a black dress and pink high heels, is getting in her old Renault 5. She is talking with you about what can be right or wrong with that car...

She gets in the car and start asking you if it's a good idea to push hard on the gas pedal to prime the engine. Then she starts it up and revs it very hard!

She wants you to see what she is doing all the time with that Renault 5, and why every single time she comes back home with a particular smell... It's the smell of the engine after a very hard revving!

She knows you really love it, and that is why she wants to play with you and your fantasies...

So she does either slow and hard pushes on the gas pedal or fast and quick revs! She really want to tease you and she really enjoys it! Are you ready to see and hear the loudest revving ever?
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