Plea to the Hebrew Roots Movement (MP3)

God is turning the hearts of people worldwide back to Jerusalem and back to Scripture. Much of this move has been called the “Hebrew Roots Movement.” But in this restoration, the Jewish people are central. What roles do we from the nations play? Are the Jewish people our brothers? or perhaps our fathers? Should we look to them for guidance, despite their lack of faith in our Messiah? What about Jewish tradition? Should it be rejected altogether?

This message by John Enarson is a passionate plea and a challenge brought in love. It’s a call to repentance, a call for respect, and to find the role God has called each and every one of us to.

John Enarson works full time for the kingdom of God together with his father, Lars Enarson. John is married to Sofia, and together they are part of the leadership of a discipleship community where they also run Ariel Media (, the publishing arm of the Watchman Int. ( John is from a Christian, Charismatic background – raised in Sweden, USA, and Israel – and has traveled in many Christian as well as Jewish circles. He is not Jewish, but serves the King of the Jews. He is the author of a Swedish, Messianic prayer book and co-author of a Swedish foundational course in the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

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