FormValidation Developer License (v0.8.1)

FormValidation is the best jQuery validation plugin to validate form fields. It's designed to use with Bootstrap (v3, v4), Zurb Foundation (v5, v6), Pure, Semantic UI and UIKit frameworks.

You can see more information on the official website:

With the Developer License:
* You get the latest version of FormValidation
* Free lifetime upgrade
* Full source code
* Free to use in multiple websites

Below is highlight of the latest version, v0.8.1:



  • #663: Support Bootstrap v4 alpha 3


  • #645: Upgrade UIKit example to v2.26.4

  • #646: Add Integrate spectre framework example

  • #651: Upgrade Semantic UI examples to v2.2.2

  • #652: Add How to show messages in a modal and a help-block at the same time example

  • #664: Upgrade examples to Bootstrap v3.3.7

You can see the full changelog at


This version works with the latest versions of supported frameworks, including:

  • #512: Foundation v6

  • #616: Bootstrap v4 (alpha 2) by setting framework: 'bootstrap4'

  • PureCSS v0.6.0

  • Semantic UI v2.1.8

  • UIKit v2.26.3


  • #536, #613: The creditCard validator now supports more card types (Dankort, Elo, Forbrugsforeningen, Maestro International, Visa Electron)

  • #546: The ip validator now supports CIDR notation

  • #556: Return more information of the file validator result, so user can display associated message if the selected file doesn't match given extension, type or size

  • #607: Pass validator along to the status.field.fv event

Bug fixes

  • #315, #600: Using formnovalidate attribute causes IE to send two postbacks to server

  • #364, #593, #611: Form cannot submit with live mode disabled (live: 'disabled') and form has some radios/checkboxes

  • #488: Fix an exception when calling destroy() if a field is replaced manually

  • #501: The cvv validator doesn't work properly if we transform the credit card value

  • #599: The phone validator should accept valid US phones such as 999 999 9999


  • Fix missing comma on the remote validator page

  • The custom validator object should be encapsulated by the validators object

  • #137: How to use dynamic country option with different value for zipCode validator

  • #433, #464: Add Building a password strength meter with Dropbox's zxcvbn libary example

  • #470: Fix the err option typo

  • #474: Add Validating multiple CKEditor instances example

  • #521: Add Using hidden field technique example

  • #540: Add Validating social account URL example

  • #548: Fix the broken link in the Playing with Bootstrap Tags Input example

  • #549: Update the summernote example to work with summernote v0.8.1

  • #564: Add Using hint library to show message example

  • #565: Add Using Balloon CSS library to show message example

  • #571: Add Auto closing the date picker example

  • #608: Add Preventing user to have same value as the placeholder example

  • #615: Update Raty example to support its latest version

You can see the full changelog at
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