Turquoise Winter Crush 2018 by Sibi Ha (for DSLR & phone)

Start crushing it like a Pro

NOW AVAILABLE : Sibi Ha 2018 Lightroom Presets for RAW & JPG 
Get the same look for your DSLR and smartphone shots! 


Easily edit your photos with 1 click and step up your photo game. This Lightroom preset looks especially great on winter and action shots. Actually it looks awesome on every shot :-D 
Play and have fun with this cinematic style.
Check out the look & feel of the presets on my Instagram page http://bit.ly/sibiha 

TAG me on your photos & use #inspo2gofolks for feedback, I'd love to see your artwork. 

You will download 1 ZIP file containing 2 Lightroom Preset files. 

Turquoise Winter Crush RAW
Use this preset for RAW format photos that you have taken with a DSLR.

Turquoise Winter Crush JPG
Use this preset for JPG, perfect for photos on your mobile phone. 

Make sure you download these presets on your COMPUTER and NOT on your mobile phone. 

  • The files must be installed to a specific folder.

    The folder path could be for instance;  (MAC) /Users/"your user"/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Develop Presets/ in there you copy paste the already unziped file. Please get in touch with me if you need assistance.

  • Restart Lightroom 

  • Use the presets only for Lightroom


Please consider that every photo is taken under different circumstances (exposure, white balance etc.) Adjust these 2 settings to get the perfect look:

  • Temperature 

  • Exposure 

Hope you enjoy! 

- Sibi Ha

PS: You are welcome to buy me a coffee if you really really want to :)
PPS: I'll buy yours next time.
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