SOC313-Discussion 2

The current housing crisis has essentially put a great number of people in a common situation: owing more money than they have. Too often it is conveyed that in order to achieve “The American Dream” one must live their life to the highest possible standard and always strive for more. Unfortunately this often leads to greed, and in terms of the housing situation, causes us to look for a home that we knowingly cannot afford. The banks contribute to this issue by approving loans for citizens that do not have the necessary income and on paper are identified as being a risky investment. This is one of the direct causes of foreclosures and bankruptcies among so many of today’s Americans. I believe Durkheim’s approach is a better tool for understanding why this has happened to our society and how it should be corrected. Durkheim argues, “no living being can be happy or even exist unless his needs are sufficiently proportioned to his means” (Durkheim 75). This ties directly into the housing crisis.
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