VIDEO - Woman with 5.3 pounds (2.4 kg.) of hair


This is crazy!
Say hello to Lidia. Lidia has had extremely long hair for over 20 years.
You have might seen her in our other videos before, however, this is the first horizontal video in higher quality featuring her incredible hair.
Lidia has floor length hair, and it's TWICE as thick as what can be considered as VERY thick floor length hair!

Her hair weighs about the same as Aliia's hair even though Aliia's hair is much longer.
Lidia is a true long hair lover and enthusiast and she gives the term "thick floor length hair" a new meaning.
She is without a doubt on the same level as our other floor length hair models such as Alena, Alena, Aliia etc.

Her hair is straight in this video, perfectly healthy and watching her doing hair play is simply crazy to watch! You won't believe your own eyes as her HUGE and super long mane swings from side to side. It's not hard to see that her hair weighs a lot, and it looks like ton's of hair is swinging from side to side. One thing is for sure - Lidia has got some strong neck muscles.

You can watch long hair videos a lot of places online, but it's only here at RealRapunzels where you can watch long hair videos like this - extreme videos with extreme hair which fulfill the needs of even the most picky and demanding long hair enthusiast.

Long hair brushing, running her fingers through her long hair, long hair parting, braiding, long hair swinging and swaying is some of the things you'll see in this video!

We've got even more great news for you too! We're of course publishing more videos with Lidia in the future as we have produced more with her.

We have huge respect for Lidia which has grown her hair to this extreme length, and which has kept it healthy at this length for many, many years.

This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 20. March 2020

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