ECO 212 Week 5 International Trade Change Analysis

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ECO 212 Week 5 International Trade Change Analysis
"Gains from Trade" is the term that economists give to international trade. However, there are many economists that believe that the United States has been put in a 'lose' situation when it comes to international trade.

Write a 1,275-word analysis of the following:

Research international trade implementations in United States history.
Explain, in your opinion and research, what changes you would implement so that international trade is 'balanced' and that the United States wins more.
Explain your rationale for the new implementations.
Predict how this will affect the U.S. economy.
Integrate both objective and subjective analysis to international trade.
Integrate at least 3 of following terms: absolute advantage, comparative advantage, foreign exchange rates, gains from trade, unemployment, employment, GDP, tariffs, quotas, and/or trade agreements.
Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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