This is the full, uncompressed version of Reformat (available from

It includes the main track as well as several individual parts so you can make your own mixes.

140bpm Reformat - Full Mix.wav
140bpm Reformat - Bass.wav
140bpm Reformat - Glitch - Beat.wav
140bpm Reformat - Groove.wav
140bpm Reformat - Melody.wav
140bpm Reformat - Perc 1.wav
140bpm Reformat - Perc 2.wav
170bpm Reformat - Full Mix.wav
170bpm Reformat - Bass.wav
170bpm Reformat - Glitch - Beat.wav
170bpm Reformat - Groove.wav
170bpm Reformat - Melody.wav
170bpm Reformat - Perc 1.wav
170bpm Reformat - Perc 2.wav
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