Transform to Freedom Book 1, Preview Copy

This free preview copy contains the openings to the full stories of The Olympic/Titanic Lie, and the openings of the true story - and identity - of Jack the Ripper.

Transform to Freedom is well written, well referenced, and surprisingly comprehensive for its length. Those that want straight forward facts and where to find further discussion on history's most explosive subjects will enjoy this work. This is a must-read for those who are questioning world events and finding too many coincidences that appear to result in the concentration of wealth and power into the hands of a few` Robert Kirkconnell, for Readers` Favorite.

Transform To Freedom by author Elliot Sabino is a hard-hitting pair of controversial books. It is an expose` that exposes conspiracies, behavior-modification, political corruption, royal families, & secret knowledge. Read novels online. There are free pdf books download available also: EPub, EBook Store. Awareness of the conspiracies, is to Transform to Freedom, to be happy.
"What if the answers were more disturbing than we thought? Author Elliot Sabino, in Transform to Freedom, posits that the ills of the world are not as random as they appear, but, in fact, are orchestrated with malevolent intent. Drawing on the knowledge and research of his peers, Sabino shares with the reader a plethora of shocking discoveries which, he purports, are responsible for the problems that our planet has faced since it began, from the Garden of Eden, to 9/11, and beyond" Kimberlee Hicks, Pacific Book Review.
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