UE4 MP Lock On Rocket

**Built In Unreal Engine 4 v4.18.2**
**100% Done In Blueprints**

This is a project that contains a lockon rocket launcher. When you target a player and hold the left mouse button you will get a lock on tone. If you keep the crosshair near the player for a duration it will autofire a rocket that will track the targeted player.

This also contains some of the H_RocketLauncher animations found for sale on this store "not the complete set" just some of them to demo this mechanic. There is also 1 placeholder rocket launcher weapon, and some various sound and particle effects.

This project has a jetpack mechanic that allows the character to fly until the energy is depleted, it also has an auto energy regen system which gains back energy when the jetpack is not in use.

The character also leans when turning as well as has a little bounce when running, as well as sounds for footsteps, firing, and the jetpack.

**Please See The Video For Further Information**

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