NTC 300 Week 4 Individual Cloud Computing Recommendation Memo

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NTC 300 Week 4 Individual: Cloud Computing Recommendation Memo
Assignment Preparation: Activities include reviewing the Lynda.com® videos, completing the Pluralsight courses, independent student reading, and research.

Watch the following sections of the Lynda.com® video "Cloud Computing First Look" with David Rivers:

Review Section 2, "Evaluate Whether Cloud Computing Is Right for Your Business"
Section 6, "Evaluate Cloud Performance in Your Business"
Complete the following Pluralsight courses:

"Risks and Consequences of Cloud Computing"
"Operate and Configure Cloud Security"
"Operate and Secure Virtual Environments"

Referencing the material covered this week on resource management and security, as well as the material covered the last three weeks on cloud computing scenarios, virtualization components, cloud security, and cloud-based security groups, prepare a 1- to 2-page email memorandum for record to the CIO of your organization detailing:

recommendations for two possible cloud computing scenario vendors
the cloud vendors security groups approach
the vendors possible cloud security vulnerabilities
key virtualization hardware resources required
core virtual components (RAM/Memory, CPU, Disk/Storage, or Virtual Networking)
Email content summary:

Research, outline, and briefly describe, in two to three paragraphs, at least two commercially/fielded examples of each of the three cloud computing scenarios (Compute Cloud, Cloud Storage, and Cloud Application).
Research, list, and identify, in two to three paragraphs, your recommended security groups for each of the examples listed in part one.
Research, list, and Identify, in two to three paragraphs, possible security vulnerabilities on each of the examples listed in part one.
Research, Identify, and explain, in two to three paragraphs, which virtual component (RAM/Memory, CPU, Disk/Storage, or Virtual Networking) is the most critical on each of the examples listed in part one.
In addition to submitting the email content in a Word document using the Assignment Files tab, take a screenshot of your created OneDrive® cloud storage system and submit with the assignment.

Use APA BusinessMemorandum format for your assignment.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.
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