Think Rich: The Millionaire Mindset Self Help Audio Recording

Think Rich: The Millionaire Mindset Self Help Audio Recording

Ask any Self-Made Millionaire for advice, and the majority will tell you that the secret to becoming rich starts with your own mindset. You'll never become a Millionaire unless you think like a Millionaire... and stop listening to those around you who say it can't be done.

This powerful specially recorded MP3 track with strong subliminal messages is only for those who really want to start thinking rich and getting into "The Millionaire Mindset".

Listening to this track alone will not make you rich! It's not a magic spell, or a deal with the devil. Not surprisingly, you will have to do the same work that any other budding millionaire has to... but it will get you into the right mindset faster to achieve the goals you have set your sights on.

The track lasts approx 20mins, and should be listened to every day for at least 1 month, and then as needed.

As always, never listen to this self help, hypnotic, relaxing audio track when driving, operating heavy machinery, or at any other time that a lack of concentration could put you, or others, in danger.
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