Part I-Term identifications (5 points each). In a word document, write the term,and provide…

Part I: Term identifications (5 points each). In a word document, write the term,and provide a specific artwork example for each of the concepts below. Your examples must come from the time periods beginning with Late Antiquity/Ancient Islam to Pre/Proto Renaissance. Note: Do not use floor plans and reconstruction drawings as your examples.

Include an image (reduce the image size) of your selected artwork and clearly list: title, artist (if known), date, location, and the time period or style being represented.

1. Mihrab

2. Illuminated manuscript

3. Hiberno-Saxon

4. Pilgrimage

5. Chiaroscuro

6. Romanesque

7. Carolingian

8. Clerestory

9. Byzantine

10. Icon

11. Carpet page

12. Ottonian

13. Buttress/flying buttress

14. Transept

15. Cloisonné

16. Ambulatory

Part II: Essay (20 points).

First, fully identify each structure above and include artist (if known), title, date, and time period (caption info is not factored into the word count). If you are not sure of the identity of the two structures, do your best to recognize key differences in the styles as discussion in Unit 7 notes. In a well developed essay, compare and contrast the two structures (400 words minimum). Do not discuss one work and then the other, but rather, integrate both structures into your discussion. The comparison analysis should bring in appropriate art terminology whenever possible.After you have compared the two buildings, explain why each building reflects their style and time periods. Cite your sources (even if the textbook) in MLA style.

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