Panasonic GH5 VLOG, CINELIKE-D, CINELIKE-V Looks / Luts

Panasonic GH5 VLOG, CINELIKE-D, CINELIKE-V Looks / Luts

• 81 GH5 VLOG looks.
• 81 GH5 CINELIKE-D looks
• 81 GH5 CINELIKE-V looks
• 81 GH5 Internal Camera loading VLT Luts.

Panasonic GH5 (Graded with DELUTS):


Easy to install with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 to 2018.* onwards.
FCPX now supports native DELUTS luts. Also compatible with most appliactions that support .cube luts.

Navigate to the Adobe Premiere Pro CC and right click (mac) or Control click and select ‘Show Package Contents’ Open folder called ‘Contents’.

On a PC the 'Contents' folder is within the Applictaion folder.
Navigate to the folder ‘Lumetri’ and then to‘LUTs’ and then finally open the ‘Creative’ or ‘Technical’. Place instructed .cube files or folders into specified folders found with in the DELUTS pack you will download from here. Normally marked ‘Adobe Installers’.

Please only add the profiles you will use to save the program using extra memory.

Restart the Application.

Once installed the Creative Looks will be available through the ‘Lumetri Color’ interface under the ‘Creative’ section.

Use ‘Basic Correction’ in the ‘Lumetri Color’ interface to control Exposure & White Balance for example.
Other LUT adjustments should be made in the Creative section of ‘Lumetri Color’ interface. Also supplied is Cinelike-D and Cinelike-V to VLOG techincal luts that can be selected in the 'Basic' section of Lumetri Color. Use to help grade mix exsiting footage. 

I find it best to apply an adjustment layer over the top of my cut, then adjust the Exposure / White Balance etc on the actual clip underneath, that way the LUT will work as intended.

Always manually add the lut/s to the project before archiving. This will stop the wrong lut being used in the future.


Luts supplied in .Cube and .VLT format. Other formats availble to order on request.

As with my other sets they will be expended, modififed at no additional cost over time.

Many Thanks,
James Miller
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