The Cadence

Cadences are special kinds of progression which are used to signify that a piece, or section/phrase of a piece, has come to an end.

Cadences are Progressions that move in the opposite direction—they start away from the I chord and move towards the tonic: either approaching it, ending on it, or conspicuously avoiding it. 

emphasize the title
convey the central lyrical emotion of the entire song
create songs with sections that flow smoothly into each other
full cadences in your songwriting

 3 half cadences 
3 deceptive cadences 
3 plagal cadences 
 5 mixed cadences 
6 minor cadences
4 Major cadences
2 mixolydian cadences
1 blues cadence

Full Leads to I
Half Leads to V
Plagal Leads to I from a II or IV chord
Deceptive Leads from V to a chord that’s not the tonic chord (diatonically the VImin or IV, chromatically many others)
Mixed Combines chords from two different key colors

Strong and Definite Emotions: The Full Cadence
Unresolved Emotions: The Half Cadence
Amen: The Plagal Cadence
Ambivalent Emotions: The Deceptive Cadence
Mixing Emotions: The Mixed Cadence

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