The Complete, Not So Giant Book Of Six-Pack Abs

The complete book that teaches you how to get six-pack abs. Covering a wide variety of topics related to getting those washboard abs including weight loss, nutrition and fitness. The debut book of online fitness star Jerome Fishermen (JeromeFitness).

The information in this book does not give you spectacular results in just one week time, nor will it give you the latest, special techniques to lose weight by doing practically nothing. So why did you purchase this book? You did because you want to hear the truth. You do not want to be lied to and you want to know what you can and cannot expect when training.
If you are one of those people who think fat can turn into muscles and that the closest you ever came to having six-pack abs was when you used a permanent marker to draw an anatomically incorrect set of abs on your beer gut, then this is the book for you.

Topics covered include:
- The anatomy of your abdominal muscles
- How low does your body fat percentage have to be to see your abs.
- How to burn more calories without extra activities
- The importance of sleep to get six-pack abs
- Genetics and getting washboard abs
- The sense and nonsense of somatotypes
- Fat deposition and your ability to get visible abdominal muscles
- How to fix uneven muscle development
- What are unbalanced muscles and what is an abdominal gap
- How to gain muscle mass
- The best nutrition guidelines to lose weight and gain muscle mass
- What role can supplements play
- High intensity interval training versus steady state cardio
- Diets and weight loss tips
- Meal timing
- How much should you eat?
- How to train your abdominal muscles properly?

You can download your PDF book immediately after purchase. It includes a password with which you can open your book. Please contact me at [email protected] if any problems arise or if you have questions regarding my products!
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