Acc400 Accounting for Decision Making: E24.6 Marlo Enterprises produces radon mitigation pumps

Acc400 Accounting for Decision Making
Week 4 Assignment

E24.6 Computing Labor Cost Variances
Marlo Enterprises produces radon mitigation pumps. Information pertaining to the company’s monthly direct labor usage is provided below:
Standard labor rate per hour $16
Standard hours allowed per radon mitigation pump 0.50 hours
Actual pumps produced during the current month 9,000 units
Actual labor hours worked during the current month 3,600 hours
Actual labor cost for the current month $64,800

a. Compute the company’s labor rate variance.
b. Compute the company’s labor efficiency variance.
c. An extremely large order of radon mitigation pumps was filled during the month for exportation to Saudi Arabia. Filling this order resulted in extended hours for many of the company’s workers. Which labor variance reflects the extra hours worked by Marlo’s employees? Was their time well utilized? Explain.
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