Awesome Futuristic PRE-MADE Youtube Banner/Channel Art

Following a bit the Flat Design that it is around the interwebz I decided to create this simple but at the same time futuristic Premade youtube banner design or channel art, how you prefer to call it.

The .zip file contains:

- Preview.png of the banner
- The project file itself a .psd file and as stated bellow you will need photoshop to edit.
- A license.txt file
- A READ ME.txt that I recommend reading, contains the link for the font used and also some other info.

The editing part of this project would be very straight forward you will find a "TEXT TO EDIT" Group on the layers panel that you will need to expand and inside you will find 3 text layer that can be edited with the text tool(T on the keyboard).

IMPROTANT: This is a .psd file which means you will need Photoshop to edit it. Also you might want to follow the link provided in the READ ME.txt file to download the text I used in this project.

Thank you for choosing my templates, please think about sharing the design with the world. Would be very much appreciated.
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