SOC 110 Week 1 Participation

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110 Week 1 Participation

Study: The Study Group Dilemma

Read the
case study and questions 1 and 2 on p. 2 of Working in Groups.

Discuss your
responses with the class.


Reflect on this week's readings.

Discuss with your classmates the

  • How would
    you decide what skills and experiences are needed to complete projects
    with quality and efficiency?

  • Choose and
    describe a problem or project in your workplace that calls for a team

  • If you could
    build this team with famous people of the past and present, who would you
    select? Explain your rationale.

  • Match the
    skills and experiences needed with each selection. You may select people
    from politics, sports, entertainment, or other areas.

  • The team
    must have between four and six members.

  • Write out
    your All-Star team selection and provide your rationale for the choices in
    no more than 70 words. Be prepared to discuss selections and rationale
    with the class.

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