We Are What We Do - Assembly

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Product Description: Throughout the assembly presentation, students are guided through the meaning of actions and values, and how ‘actions can speak louder than words.’ There is a short introduction to Erich Fromm and some of his work, emphasising the importance of ‘what we do’ as the essential core of human existence. In the latter part of the assembly, the resource highlights various obstacles we may try to overcome as we grow older and how learning is best achieved when we face challenges. Here, I emphasise the importance of working hard, choosing the harder option, being able to adapt to change and getting the basics right from the start. The assembly resource also focuses and reminds students on our school’s values – you may wish to adapt the resource to suit your own context – and provides a simple definition of each.There are 36 slides in total and the Powerpoint presentation.
Further Reading: http://www.teachertoolkit.me/2014/09/26/we-are-what-we-do-by-teachertoolkit/

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