Wow! New Model Danny's Size 12 Feet Instructional

Wow. This model is new to the scene and there are spots where the dialogue goes in and out, but this has got to be the hottest guy we've ever had on here.  This 5-minute long instructional video has new bisexual 22-year old model, Danny, taking his first stab at being a master. 

At first, he is more hesitant and the premise is unclear.  But by the end of this video we have launched into a full throttle trip with a lot of dialogue.  This hottie knows how to to wield his power to attract pervy fetish-havers by taking off his gym socks and showing his feet from multiple angles.  His strong, size 12 feet in tandem with his extremely detailed instructions on how his slave should be touching himself, are erotic to say the least.  Detailed instructions about how desperately the viewer wants to touch themselves to his feet are truly what make this classic foot show an amazing first video in a series with many more to come.  

** I put this video up for a very cheap price in order to facilitate more purchases because I want to show the model how lucrative this can be.  The more we collect, the sooner and more eager he will be to do a new video - - - so, if you enjoy him, think about a tip! **
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