Master the art of case acceptance

“Good clinical skills are important but what determines your level of financial success is how well you communicate with patients." You may have magnificent clinical skills but until a patient says “yes" and accepts your treatment plan you don't get to do any work. Have you ever been frustrated by • patients going home to “think it over"? • patients choosing the patch-up option? • your inability to get your message across? • taking too long in treatment consultations? • the stress of discussing finances with patients? • patients who just don't understand the need for treatment? Learn... • How to get patients to want the treatment they need. • How to get instant rapport. • The six features of good communication in the dental office. • The essential steps to prepare for a treatment discussion. • How to tell patients about the severity of their problems. • How long a treatment consultation should take. • How to successfully present BIG treatment plans without stress. • When and how to discuss money. • How much technical detail to discuss with patients. • How many treatment options to present. • The correct way to present treatment options. • What you must know about “informed consent". • Seven “communication killers" to avoid. And much more... For more great practice building ideas visit
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