Wurlitzer 200a For Motif XF

Wurlitzer 200a Real “Hot” Wurlitzer 200a of 70's sampled thru its vintage printed circuit and its original components. -110 Mo of sample data
 -12 velocity layers for each white note (A0 - C6)
 -Release Samples for key off 8 user sounds : (A01) Wurlitzer 200a (A02) Wurlitzer Speakers
 (A03) Wurlitzer Phaser
 (A04) Wurlitzer Magic Echo
 (A05) What'd I Say
 (A06) Goodbye Stranger 
(A07) Dreamer Wurli
 (A08) Wurlitzer Relax Control : 
Velocity =12 Layers Assign 1 = Tremolo Speed Assign 2 = Tremolo Depth 
MW = Chorus FX Control 
Ribbon = Reverb
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