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Greetings friend,

Are you struggling with ways to be more authentic to better your success?

Are you having a lot of trouble trying to discover the truth behind being absolutely true to yourself?

What if I can offer you a solution that will help you to solve your personal development problems once and for all?

Once you have this valuable packet of audio recordings and printed materials, you will begin a magical journey of self-discovery:

For a limited time, this unique packet of valuable materials is being offered to you at a substantial discount.

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After the first 50 purchases of this valuable packet of techniques and information, the price will increase to $ 14.99 for the next 100 subscribers, and then to $ 24.99 for the next 100 subscribers after that. After the first 250 subscribers take advantage of this beautiful and valuable packet of recordings and materials, the price will return to its regular retail selling price of $ 49.99.

What is included with this precious bundle of life-enhancing materials?

Part 1 – The Authentic You Self-Hypnosis Journey
This 4-session audio component consists of a beautiful and relaxing set of auto-hypnotherapy recordings designed to help YOU uncover and nourish your AUTHENTIC self. You will be taken by the hand, step-by-step as we help you to improve your sense of self and gain a better understanding of your own true nature and needs.

Part 2 – Empowered Happiness
This easy-to-follow manual provides you with a revealing and educational discovery of techniques entitled “Empowered Happiness”. Are you struggling with the fact that you really don't know anything about how to really be happy? In this revealing manuscript you will learn -

Happiness is something that has long been present inside you. Finding happiness inside yourself is like peeling off the layers of onion, with each layer representing your thoughts, fears, and negative beliefs. As you slowly peel away each layer (who you are not), you will gradually reach its very core (who you are).

And right there and then, you will find your purpose and meaning in life. You will finally discover yourself and learn the real meaning of happiness.

In this book, you will learn about:

- Basics on Happiness

- Why People Are So Sad Today

- What Is True Happiness?

- What Is The Empowered Happiness Mindset?

- many other useful things!

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Part 3 – Authentic Free Man
(make no mistake, these superbly beneficial techniques can be used by women equally as well)

In this book, you will
learn about:

- What Are Your Values

- Where Are You Vulnerable

- Meditation

- Respect Your Feelings

- Be In The Now

- many other methods!

With great power comes great, responsibility. Once you know the secrets in this book, there is no going back. It's time to put your knowledge to good use!

Remember, if you are among the lucky first 50 of my subscribers to take advantage of this collection of priceless materials, you will receive an immediate download of your products for the incredible price of just $ 7.99, a generous savings of more than 84% off the regular retail price of $ 49.99.

After the first 50 purchases, the price will increase to $ 14.99 for the next 100 subscribers – and then to $ 24.99 for the next 100 readers after that. So if you still see the price listed as $ 7.99, this is your lucky day as you begin a journey of self-discovery and improvement in your happiness and your life in general.

Your materials will be made available to you by download immediately upon receipt of your payment. If you have any questions as to how to unzip or un-package your downloaded materials, simply drop us a line and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

FULL 6 MONTHS 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction

Your small investment comes with a 180 day complete guarantee of satisfaction.  Listen to, read and implement your materials for a full 6 months. If, after 6 months you are not COMPLETELY satisfied,  with how your life has improved your investment will be immediately and cheerfully refunded.

Magical thoughts,
Jim McPherson
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