PES 2013 NEW season 16/17 patch for PS3 CFW by SalahHBK

This patch is for PES 2013, for jailbroken PS3 only.

This patch include :

  • Data pack 6.0.

  • All new summer 16/17 transfers.

  • New 2016/2017 promoted teams.

  • New 2016/2017 kits for both clubs and national teams.

  • New 2016/2017 players with new HD faces and hairs

  • New HD faces and hairs (more than 1000 new faces and hairs).

  • New HD 2016/2017 Balls for all leagues.

  • New HD turfs/pitchs for all stadiums.

  • New 2016/2017 boots.

  • New fans chants.

  • New Champions league teams.

  • Updating Champions league participants.

  • Updating europe league participants

  • Updating Uefa Super Cup participants (real madrid vs seville).

  • New 3rd kits for many big teams in Champions league mode.

  • More than 8 new stadiums, including some of the best stadiums in europe.

  • New HD previews for all stadiums.

  • New menu colors and graphics.

  • New menu fonts.

  • New HD scoreboard.

  • New HD adboards.

  • New HD logos for all teams and leagues.

  • New Menu Music. NB: there are more new musics in the patch than it shows in the preview.

  • Much more..

How to install: NB: I made this tutorial for the Winter patch mainly, but it's the same method for all my patches.

If you have any questions contact me in my facebook page, my personal email or my phone number (use whatsapp to contact me)
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